"Guess I was born to make mistakes, but I ain’t scared to take the weight. So when I stumble off the path, I know my heart will guide me back…"

� Didn’t Cha Know - Erykah Badu (via poeticallyhighdreams)

""Society has a problem with female nudity when it is not … ”—Badu pauses to get her words together; she wants this point to be very clear—“… when it is not packaged for the consumption of male entertainment. Then it becomes confusing." […]"

� Erykah Badu (via rawsugar)

(via rawsugar)


Love This Lady So much !


On & On - Erykah Badu


I’ve been thinking about this song in light of the Ferguson tragedy.


Erykah Badu - Other Side Of The Game (Baduizm, 1997)

See me and baby got this situation
See brother got this comlex ocupation
And it ain’t that he don’t have education
Cause I was right there at his graduation
Now I ain’t sayin that this life don’t work
But it’s me and baby that he hurts
Because I tell him right he thinks I’m wrong
But I love him strong


Love | @fatbellybella

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late night/early morning vibes

"No. Infidelity is not a deal-breaker for me. We’re all born sexual beings. I myself am not someone with a very high libido. I don’t require sex for happiness – I need companionship. I need a partner I can depend on, that I can love and grow with. But I do understand the nature of these men I’ve been with, and men in general. They have a need to chase."

� Erykah Badu (via femburton)


Bino and Badu


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